Travel Tips: Countries Worth Visiting


Travelling creates a great feeling. It lets you know more, make new friends, and have different thoughts about everything. Knowing different countries and different cities broaden your mind, which is healthy for your mental health. Visiting new countries lets you interact with people who speak different languages and have different customs from what you are used to. Some nations even drive on the wrong side of the road if you look at it from your country’s perspective. You should consider traveling, especially now when more travel agencies are developing, making traveling more comfortable. Here are a few countries that are worth visiting.


Indonesian is located in the South East of Asia, situated between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It is a beautiful country with a landscape of islands which are more than seventeen thousand. Places like Bali are worth visiting, especially Ubud, the heart of this green paradise.


Thailand is also located in the South East of Asia, and it is known as a place of tropical beaches. There are many opulent royal palaces and ancient ruins. On the modern side, they went the extra mile. The cityscape is exquisite and amazing to view. There are uncountable beautiful places to visit in Thailand, which makes it a country you should visit.


It is located right next to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe. The bordering Atlantic Ocean influences Portugal’s cuisine. Their national staple dishes are salt cod and grilled sardine. It is a nice place to visit if you love seafood.

Sri Lanka

It is an island in the South of Asia, surrounded by the Indian ocean. It is a country that is rich in its cultural heritage. It has historic sites dated back at least one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. This is a place to visit if you love history.

South Africa

South Africa is a large nation in the southern part of Africa. It is home to a large population of wildlife. South Africa also has beautiful coastal regions with many hotels and resorts. It is a place for safaris and summer vacations.

There are many countries worth visiting. Each country is worth visiting. Through various traveling firms, you can work your way to visiting every country in the world, but the mentioned countries will be worth visiting even multiple times. Even if you are on a limited budget, there are numerous means you can use to travel to your desired destination.